Gutenberg Optimized

The Sugar WordPress theme is optimized to support the features of the Gutenberg editor. These features include content blocks and custom styling of colors and font sizes. It’s also designed to make sure that the back end of your posts and pages match the live version on your site.

Just a note: to use the new wide and full width image sections, you’ll have to change your page layout to Full Width, which will remove the sidebar.

Full Width Image

Images, videos, galleries, and other content can also be presented in a wide block that extends beyond the central column at bigger screen widths:

Wide Width Image

Standard Width Image

Cover Image

Your cover text goes here

Full Width Gallery

Your posts and pages can contain galleries, which are collections of images presented in one or more columns.

Standard Width Gallery

Video Support

This theme also includes styling for wide and full-width videos, such as this one embedded from Vimeo.

Embedded Audio


You can pull parts of your content into quotes, such as this one:


Insert buttons as calls to action:

Content Boxes

Style paragraphs with custom colors to call attention to text anywhere in your content:

This is a sample paragraph text with a colored background. You can use this to feature content, highlight something important, or provide a call-to-action. Sample link.


Style headings from level one to six:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Heading 6

Text Sizes

You also have a range of font sizes to choose from for regular text:

Small font size.

Regular font size.

Large font size.

Larger font size.